Onboarding for jewelers

Onboarding for jewelers

Here you can learn how onboarding for jewellers works. The process is slightly different from that for normal financial and investment advisors.

For us, jewellers are independently responsible for having osmium explained to them so as not to make any mistakes in sales and processing.

The process is therefore abbreviated. After registering at www.osmium-onboarding.com, the code of reference is requested in the registration form. This code usually is a word that ensures an advantage for the dealer. This is not to the disadvantage of the recruited person. If no code is known or the page has been found on the Internet, the jeweller can simply enter "Osmium" as a code when registering.

You will receive an e-mail explaining the procedure for dealing with the Osmium Institutes and the Osmium database on an international level.

If you have any questions, please call the hotline of the respective institute.

If you want to register directly, every jeweller with a shop will receive wholesale conditions right from the start. The registration form can be found on this website. Please make sure to tick the box that you are a jeweler during the registration process.



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Onboarding for jewelers