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Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany

Become a wholesaler

Specialist dealers can log in directly with their telephone password as an access code. You will have access to the processing guidelines for crystalline osmium, which you must observe if you work with osmium, and of course to the free calculation assistant. In addition, specialist dealers can receive the following services free of charge:

1) Place orders via phone 

2) Accelerated multiple production

3) Calculation assistant

4.) current processing guidelines

5.) Free marketing material

6.) Free exhibition of your own osmium creations in the flagship store

7.) some free laboratory services

8.)Speakers and lecturers for events

9.) Free personal use of the X-Code tool for creating comprehensive osmium identification codes for jewelry with one or more inlays

If you are not yet a specialist retailer for crystalline osmium, please send us a brief request using the form below.

We will respond to your data entry immediately and carry out the onboarding with you. For this purpose, you will receive a call or an e-mail from our onboarding team.



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Become a wholesaler
Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany



Anyone who is a jeweler, goldsmith or manufacturer of jewelry, art or watches can become a specialist dealer for osmium in the jewelry market.

If you are only interested in selling crystalline osmium as an investment in kind, please go directly to and onboard directly onto the dealer system.

Any company can become a wholesaler or retailer here if it conducts its business properly. Predestined wholesalers, however, are primarily jewelers, goldsmiths and manufacturers who have experience in designing, manufacturing and trading jewelry.

To become a wholesale partner, an application must be submitted to the local state-institute partner who will process the request.

Jewellers, goldsmiths and manufacturers are automatically granted wholesaler status when they register. This is associated with a reduced purchase price, which is reserved for processors.

It is mandatory that every new retailer completes the approximately 2-hour training program on osmium, which is available in video format on the virtual learning platform of the Osmium Institutes at

Gaining specialist knowledge about and the trade with osmium simplifies the dialogue with customers and is essential for processing crystalline osmium. The associated examination must also be passed in order to be eligible for commission and discounts. As soon as the examination is taken and passed, this leads to a certified status, on the basis of which the jeweler is now also advertised on the internet by the Osmium Institutes and receives the right to exhibit their creations in the Osmium flagship store. This makes it easier for osmium customers to find a local retailer online.

A certified specialist retailer for crystalline osmium may display the words "certified specialist retailer" in their store. They can display their printed certificate in their showroom.

Further training courses, including the Train-the-Trainer seminar, can be provided free of charge for the target groups mentioned. This requires a request to the institute.

Every retailer dealing in jewelry, art or watches receives a retailer ID number, which is also their telephone password so that they can order goods quickly and easily via the hotline.

A new retailer can register as a prospective retailer by clicking on "Become a retailer" or on the website

Alternatively, an e-mail or telephone inquiry can be made to the German or respective local Osmium Institute.

Multilingual hotline: +49 89 7 44 88 88 88






Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany

Onboarding for jewelers

Find out here how onboarding for jewelers takes place. The process differs from the procedure for traders in the financial and investment advisory sector.

Jewellers, goldsmiths and manufacturers are individuals or companies who have the responsibility to have the handling of osmium explained to them so that they do not make any mistakes in sales and processing and appear competent.

The onboarding process is therefore shortened. After registering at, the referrer code is requested in the registration form. Please enter the code of the person who referred you and at the same time assign a referrer code for yourself, which you can pass on in the event that you refer people or companies yourself. All customers who purchase crystalline osmium using your referral code will receive an oversupply of 0.5 to 2 percent free of charge.

If no code is known or if the customer has found an online order website on the Internet, the jeweler, goldsmith or manufacturer can simply enter "osmium" when registering as a referrer code. In this case, the referrer is searched for and checked from the Osmium-Sales customer protection database.

After entering your own data, you will receive an email explaining the procedure for working together with the Osmium Institutes and the Osmium database internationally. You will also be called by a partner advisor to clarify any further questions.

You can also simply contact the hotline of the respective national institute in your home country if you have any queries.


Every jeweler or goldsmith with a retail store receives wholesale partner conditions right from the start. You can find the registration form at or on this website under the menu item "Become a retailer".

Onboarding for jewelers
Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany

Onboarding new dealers

Explanation of the onboarding process in individual steps:

Request via onboarding form at

Every registered merchant and every company can become a retailer. Existing retailers can apply for wholesale partner status. Jewellers receive the status and discount as a wholesaler when they register for the first time. The reason for this is the additional effort by maintaining your own store.

Steps duriing onboarding

Select the retailer status

Enter the referrer code of the person who referred you

Assignment to a state wholesale partner

Assigning your own referrer code

Receive access to the virtual training via the "Guideline".

Confirm that you have read and understood the documents.

Being listed as a jeweler on the website .

Completion of the virtual training course at

Completion of the examination to obtain the title of certified specialist retailer.

Assignment of a telephone password for jewelers.

Receiving the opportunity to display your own pieces in the rack jobbing process in the Osmium flagship stores.

Complete training

The first training course on the basics of osmium consists of less than two hours of video content. 

However, there are many more advanced training courses that can be requested free of charge from the Osmium Institute in your country. Such training courses are explained and offered online at You can register via or directly via the hotline. +49 89 7 44 88 88 88.

Face-to-face training can also be arranged for several participants.

The online training includes sales and processing information as well as specialist knowledge about osmium and its applications and the associated opportunities in this comparatively new market.

However, our teams are also happy to provide training at goldsmith schools and universities and share important specialist knowledge for handling crystalline osmium.

Complete training
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