Buy Osmium

Buy Osmium

As an Osmium-Institute abroad you buy osmium directly from the marketer. This institution will provide you with an electronic certificate of authenticity. The partner for this is the German Osmium-Institute GmbH (Osmium Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH).

As a wholesale partner or retailer, osmium is purchased from the local Osmium Institute. It carries out the import into the country and the customs clearance.

Each piece of osmium for sale must have an eight-digit letter and number code with which it is delivered (OIC). With the prefix of up to four characters in front, it indicates the product category and customs identification.

The code can be entered on the institute pages or the websites of jewelers. The owner receives all information about the current piece. Information on weight, dimensions, chemical purity, high-resolution scans of the crystal structure and the price are included.

You can order osmium on via the website www.buy-osmium.com. For custom-made products with special geometries please order via the respective order form.


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Buy Osmium