Osmium is treated like a diamond in jewellery production. It can not only be set but also brazed, glued or laser welding processed.

The metal harmonizes very well in the combination with platinum, gold and silver thanks to the blue-white lustre and its high reflectivity in the spectrum of sunlight.

In addition to discs, round bars, diamonds and stars, there are also pearls, i.e. spherical round crystallisations, and starrows, in which several stars are still connected in a row after the cutting.

Stars are generally delivered as Starrows and can be fractured by the designer to fit the desired length.

Since osmium can reach different layer thicknesses and crystallization heights, osmium is generally sold by weight. Stars and Diamonds are slightly above the price model, as the cutting and deburring as well as the removal of erosion wire residues is carried out by hand.


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