Buy Osmium from a private person

Buy Osmium from a private person

When purchasing osmium from a private source, the authenticity of the material must be confirmed. Please contact the www.osmium-institute.com especially in case of apparently very cheap offers.

However, osmium can then be purchased from private sources without hesitation. Since financial investors in particular earned an extremely high margin with osmium in the early days, it is definitely possible to obtain osmium below the spot price here and there. Osmium institutes often know people who would like to resell privately after a certain holding period.

Larger quantities of osmium should be purchased from wholesalers or the Osmium Institute to ensure product quality.

When purchasing, the current owner must provide the new owner with the osmium identification code (OIC) for the item. With it one can get the photo certificate with which the piece can be identified without any doubt by its forgery-proof crystal structure.


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Buy Osmium from a private person