The Osmium Institutes are the only institutions worldwide to certify and introduce crystalline osmium to the market. The institutes are not trading companies. The head office is located in Germany.

All osmium crystallized in Switzerland is entered into the international osmium database by the German Osmium-Institute.

The unique crystallized structure of osmium is one of the reasons it is impossible to counterfeit - it can be compared to a fingerprint. The crystal structures are used as a recognition feature. They are linked to an osmium identification code (OIC).

Further information can be found here: www.osmium-institute.com


Buy Osmium

As an Osmium-Institute abroad you buy osmium directly from the marketer. This institution will provide you with an electronic certificate of authenticity. The partner for this is the German Osmium-Institute GmbH (Osmium Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH).

As a wholesale partner or retailer, osmium is purchased from the local Osmium Institute. It carries out the import into the country and the customs clearance.

Each piece of osmium for sale must have an eight-digit letter and number code with which it is delivered (OIC). With the prefix of up to four characters in front, it indicates the product category and customs identification.

The code can be entered on the institute pages or the websites of jewelers. The owner receives all information about the current piece. Information on weight, dimensions, chemical purity, high-resolution scans of the crystal structure and the price are included.

You can order osmium on via the website www.buy-osmium.com. For custom-made products with special geometries please order via the respective order form.

Certify Osmium

If a dealer or jeweller purchases osmium that is sold to him privately, the Osmium Identification Code for the certificate of authenticity must be requested.

The Osmium Institute to introduce and certify Osmium confirms the authenticity through the websites where the code can be entered.

Signed certificates can be requested for 70 Euro each plus VAT.

If osmium is passed on, the new owner can also voluntarily register in the owner database.

Buy Osmium from a private person

When purchasing osmium from a private source, the authenticity of the material must be confirmed. Please contact the www.osmium-institute.com especially in case of apparently very cheap offers.

However, osmium can then be purchased from private sources without hesitation. Since financial investors in particular earned an extremely high margin with osmium in the early days, it is definitely possible to obtain osmium below the spot price here and there. Osmium institutes often know people who would like to resell privately after a certain holding period.

Larger quantities of osmium should be purchased from wholesalers or the Osmium Institute to ensure product quality.

When purchasing, the current owner must provide the new owner with the osmium identification code (OIC) for the item. With it one can get the photo certificate with which the piece can be identified without any doubt by its forgery-proof crystal structure.

Osmium price

The spot price of osmium, which is fixed daily at 10 a.m., can be tracked via the Internet at www.Osmium-Preis.com or on many financial pages.

When purchasing osmium, the current price on the day of enquiry applies.

Each osmium purchase is based on the weight of the osmium and its geometry. Different geometries lead to different production costs. For this reason there are slightly varying prices for the various osmium semi-finished products.

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