Individual production

Individual production

By now osmium can be crystallized in every conceivable form.

2D shapes are cut from discs and bars. They create an overcut that results from the geometric shape and its waste. The geometric overhang is granulated and returned to the osmium process. Unfortunately, the process is as expensive as the crystalline metal itself. For this reason, the geometric overhang must also be calculated for 2D special designs when calculating the price of jewellery.

The EDM wire with which osmium is cut is approximately the diameter of one hair. The osmium is transferred to the wire at the points where it is cut, so that these quantities of osmium are also unfortunately eliminated and must be paid for by the customer. However, they are extremely low.

3D shapes are created with a 3D object that is modulated using the computer and then built up as a carbon body. The osmium crystallizes on this body, making almost any shape and surface possible.

Please ask for special shapes using the form in the main menu.


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Individual production