Onboarding new merchants

Onboarding new merchants

The onboarding process step-by-step:

Request via onboarding form at www.osmium-onboarding.com

Any merchant can become a dealer. The wholesale partner status can by anyone who already is a dealer. Jewellers receive the status and discount as a wholesaler from the very start.

Selection of dealer status

Allocation to a national wholesale partner

Assignment of an own code of reference

Receive an access code for virtual training

Confirm that you have read and understood the documents.

Receive your own Osmium website or a branded Osmium online shop.

As a jeweler you will be listed on the site www.osmium-jewelry.com. With passed examination you will be listed among the top dealers.

For this purpose, the jeweller has the opportunity to take an examination and become a certified specialist dealer.

Performing the virtual training in the www.osmium-academy.com

Conducting the examination to obtain the title of certified specialist dealer.


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Onboarding new merchants