Osmium feedstock

Osmium feedstock

The raw material for making jewellery out of osmium are so-called osmium discs with a diameter of 55mm and a mass of about 30g.

Osmium can be cut out of the discs in various shapes. The classic form is the round osmium diamond. When two osmium diamonds are cut, the counter form is the osmium star. It is a four-beam star which, like the diamond, is flat and can therefore be ideally placed in jewellery.

Osmium round bars are often confused with rings. In reality, they are portable rounds in the form of a ring, but embedded in titanium for protection.

Forms of osmium are cut by wire-cut EDM. Each form can also be ordered as a customized product. The overcut and the amount of osmium lost on the wire as well as the working time must be taken into account.

Calculations for such work are prepared by the Osmium Institute to introduce and certiry osmium GmbH. Usually an enquiry does not take longer than one working day to answer.


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Osmium feedstock